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Wed Wabbit

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Lissa Evans

Published three years ago, at the time of writing this, it’s time to revisit Wed Wabbit as one of my favourite off-beat, comedy reads for kids. First off, let me tell you – you will NEVER have read anything like this before. This is Alice in Wonderland stuff, although a lot funnier and with fewer rabbit holes (despite there being a large rabbit involved).

When Fidge finds herself propelled down some cellar stairs and into a strange new world, with the suitably apt soundtrack of a lightning storm, it looks as if she’s entered a dark place indeed. And she isn't wrong, although there are some incredibly bright Wimbly Woos (yes, Wimbly Woos) who quickly break up her bleak situation with craziness, colour, confusion, and possibly a little cartoon fascism. I’ll explain later…

As Fidge follows clues and works out how to return home from this alarming place, you will snort your way through her trial-riddled adventure.

But don't think it's just funny without foundations. This book will make you go ha-ha and then oh.... I see.

In today’s world, you can’t get a better metaphor than Wed Wabbit's clear-cut tribes – colour-coded for ease – and their approach to world order, humanity and society.

The kids – and the book is good for ages eight and up – won’t know quite how poignant all this is, but it’ll give them a good chance to explore their own feelings of right or wrong, and, like a spoonful of sugar, the absolute absurdity and total hilarity will disguise the fact that there are any lessons in this book at all. Maybe they won’t even learn any lessons. Maybe they’ll laugh their guts up and then fall asleep. It matters not. Whatever the take-away, the surreal dip into a world that is refreshingly bonkers and fabulously original – whilst being curiously familiar – is prize enough. Wed Wabbit is weally, weally, wather wonderful.

Publisher: David Fickling Books

Reviewer: Rachel ​

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