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How Selfish!

By Clare Helen Walsh, illustrated by Olivier Tallec

Following on from the mightily successful HOW RUDE!, Clare Helen Walsh’s picture book HOW SELFISH! takes more manners into hand in a funny story of squabbling friends.

Characterful Dot and Duck are playing together, but not for long. A simple stick – or is it a flag? No! A sword! – is only the start of their problems. Dot and Duck’s tug-of-war disagreement tips their friendship into dangerous territory as they work out what do to when different points of view come into play.

For kids, HOW SELFISH! is the perfect illustration of how to dissolve arguments and find compromise. For parents, it’s a hoot, reminiscent of toddlers being increasingly determined and unreasonable over the smallest things – something we shouldn’t laugh at, but so very often do.

The writing is perfectly partnered with Olivier Tallec’s illustrations, with the wide-eyed Duck and the pocket-sized Dot so expressive, it’s like they move on the page.

Economic with words but effervescing with character, HOW SELFISH! will have kids giggling their socks off, while secretly enforcing some good stuff and returning to Clare Helen Walsh’s underlying theme – respect and friendship conquers all.

Reviewer: Rachel

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