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Bunnies on the Bus

Philip Ardagh, illustrated by Ben Mantle

Bunnies on the bus. FUNNIES ON THE BUS, more like!

This hilarious picture book is driven, in every sense possible, by goofy-faced bunnies with absolutely no regard for road safety. Or personal safety. Or any kind of safety, come to think of it.

The day starts, sunny and bright – one of those glorious summer ones: the kind where washing is on the line and the soundtrack is little more than birdsong. Delightful. Peaceful. And then…

VROOOM, around the bend comes a bus, stuffed with bunnies. They’re driving it, riding it and speeding it. Who knows what they’re doing or where they’re going, and does it even matter? No, because what matters is the chaos they’re causing as they career through the streets.

Everyone is rattled, from the Pandas out shopping to the lambs playing on the swings. No creature is safe from bunnies on the bus.

This is a wild journey with wonderfully detailed, and absolutely gorgeous illustrations from Ben Mantle. It will have kids humming and drumming the chorus – bunnies on the bus, bunnies on the bus – and laughing their teeth out at the glee of the rabbits as they whoosh around town, startling everyone in it.

The words and pictures go together brilliantly, creating a hilarious study in cause and effect. Did I really say a ‘study in cause and effect’? Nah, forget that. Not everything needs to be a lesson. This is merely a fantastic ride of total silliness – without a seat belt in sight.

Bunnies on the bus. Bunnies on the bus.

See, even I’m at it now.

Reviewer: Rachel

Publisher: Walker Books

Full disclosure: Ta very much to Walker Books for the review copy.

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