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 Snort! was launched in February 2020 by funny children's writers Rachel Delahaye and Martin Howard. You can read more about why we took this bold step here. For those wishing to look at our review policy, you'll find it here. Otherwise, this slightly dull page just has short biographies for us and contact details. 


An Open Invitation

This site will develop and evolve but it is intended to be a hub for funny book fans, offering reviews, features and more. We hope writers, illustrators, publishers and readers will get involved. Jump onboard. Write a feature post, be a guest reviewer, send us books to review, give us an interview, invite us on an all-expenses-paid trip to cover a fabulously glamorous launch party in Los Angeles. We’re up for all of it. Just send an email or contact us on Twitter. Please try and bear in mind that we’re both working authors with families and we’re fitting this in around other commitments. If we don’t get back to you instantly it’s not because you smell of wee.

Contact Deets

Email: snortblog@yahoo.com

Rachel on Twitter: @RachelDelahaye

Martin on Twitter: @MJHowardWrites

Tris on Twitter: @thebookwhisper2

Rachel Delahaye

Martin Howard

Rachel has been told she’s funny. What kind of funny - funny smelling, funny tasting, funny looking? She convinced herself it’s funny-ha-ha (although she does look a bit like Mrs Twit going through a car-wash in a convertible and often smells of gorgonzola, due to her love affair with gorgonzola). Rachel laughs in the face of death with her dark comedy series Jim Reaper, which contains angry grannies, funfair

owners with fake Italian accents, and the trials of accidentally killing the babysitter – which

is totally hilarious (unless you’re a babysitter). Rachel also co-wrote a jokebook called 

The Daily Joker with Gareth P Jones, full of original, handmade, tongue-rolled

jokes of varying quality. And she has written a range of other

less funny but extremely good books, to boot. Do not take them

to a boot sale, that’s not what I meant. Next year, her series Mort

The Meek will be hitting the shelves, but very softly as it’s about a

pacifist. Is it funny though? Well, it’s different, awkward, weird and

wonderful. A bit tee-hee and a bit what-the? It’s funny peculiar, you

could say. Which, come to think of it, is probably the kind of funny

that Rachel is. 

Martin never really knows what to put in this type of biography but here goes  … He's sort of permanently peeved that his hair isn’t as thick and glossy as it used to be and he’s quite damp because he uses loads of

moisturiser in the mistaken belief that it gives him a younger, more youthful appearance by reducing

the fine lines of ageing. It really, really doesn’t. Apart from that he’s not as strange as people often

think, though he did used to be a massive Goth. He plays guitar badly and has written some funny

books including picture books such as a recipe book for witches called How to Cook Children,

as well as Germs. He also collaborated with Aardman to write a load of Shaun the Sheep

stories, and sometimes gets his lazy butt in gear to write longer

books, like the Witches at War trilogy, How to Slay a Werewolf

and the Alfie Fleet books: The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet and

Alfie Fleet’s Guide to the Universe. There was some

stuff for adults too. Frankly, he’s getting on a bit

and can’t actually remember every book

he’s written. There are some crackers though.

He’s pretty certain of that.

Our Librarian: Tris Irvine

Tris is a self-certified book geek and lover of kidlit. When not hiding behind bookcases in the school library where she works, waiting to jump out at children attempting to re-shelve a book in the wrong place, she can be found bouncing around with 2-10 year-olds teaching them yoga and meditation while vainly trying to suck in her middle-aged belly. So she's a bit of an enigma, wrapped in a riddle. One minute an introvert with her nose in a book, the next bouncing around yelling "Downward Dog!" and barking madly. Tris spent last year exclusively reading children's fiction, to make her a better librarian and now she LOVES it! She also lurks in the children's section of her local Waterstones to pounce on anyone who doesn't know what to choose, and force feeds them book reviews until they leave with armfuls of books.She loves to share bookish delights and reviews on Twitter. So follow her if you want to discover books that you can share with the children in your life.

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