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Ahoy There!

Welcome to Snort! This site is a  hub for funny children's book fans.

Readers, writers, illustrators, librarians, bookshops, bloggers - that means

YOU! We are learning how to do this as we go along but will be 

accumulating expertise and content to build a great source for funny book 

news, reviews, interviews, and much, much more. Please feel free to get

involved. But first, why not pull up a biscuit and take a moment to acquaint yourself with us on the about page. Or read a review, or take a squizz at our features. Get yourself settled in and enjoy. We hope you become a regular visitor! 

What's New?

Elaine Wickson

Rejoice! Blow the fanfare! Let choirs of angels sing, for Snort

has a new Queen: the magificently hilarious Elaine Wickson.

To commemorate the release of her new book, Super Stan,

Elaine has graciously ascended the Snort Throne for a week of

celebration. Coming up over the length of Her Glorious Reign we

have interviews, Her Majesty's Five Favourite Funny Books, a

fabulous competition, Queen Elaine's Life in Pictures and - of

course - reviews of all her books, including the Hot-Off-The-Presses

Super Stan

                                           On this, the final day of our Queen's reign

                                    we have the review you've all been waiting for.

                                      Head over to find out what SUPER STAN has

                             in store. SPOILER: It's a majestic triumph!


Or take a look at Queen Elaine's top picks with Five Favourite Funnies  or dive into our

reviews of Planet Stan and Action Stan. And don't forget to enter our faaaaabulous competition. Features also has an interview with our Glorious Monarch.

Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win! Win!

Queen Elaine is a generous monarch and is giving her faithful subjects the chance to win not

one but ALL THREE of her books, signed by her own royal hand. 

All YOU have to do is ask her a question, on any topic you like. Email your query to snortblog@yahoo.com or tweet @elainewickson (making sure to paste in either @RachelDelahaye or @MJHowardWrites). On Friday, Queen Elaine will pick her favourite question.

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Discover our latest reviews below - just click to read the full text - or if you're in the browsing kind of mood try clicking the stuff up top. It might take you somewhere, you never know.

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Find out what books are slaying

readers in school libraries. Our

special mini-reviews are written by real

school librarians


Blatant Self-Promotion 

We won't review our own books but we never said we wouldn't big them up here. So here's an ad for Martin's new one: Alfie Fleet's Guide to the Universe. Grab a copy and putter off across the galaxy on Betsy the moped. And watch this space for dates on the upcoming blog tour .. '

Other Sites You'll Love ...

Stomach hurt from laughing? Wet you last pair of pants and don't dare open another funny book? Fear not, we can point you to some great sites for other genres as well as funny because we at Snort! think book bloggers do an amazing job and deserve all the support they can get. Fine bunch of people.  Click to visit, and if we've accidentally forgotten your blog, drop us a line and we'll pop it in. 

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