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What's New?

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With so many authors and illustrators unable to get out and promote their new books, Snort is

showing some love by offering a shop window for some great NEW funny books! Click on

the covers and they'll take you straight to Amazon. What better way to keep the kids

grinning during lockdown than with a book? Introducing ...

                                                                    Cally and Jimmy: Twins in Trouble

                                                                          Zoe Antoniades, illustrated by Katie Kear


                                                                     This first book in a brand new series is FOUR stories in one!

                                                    I have a twin brother. Everyone calls him Jimmy, which is sort of the

                                                  English verison of Dimitri, his actual Greek name. Our mum's Greek,

                                                  you see. I'm Cally, short for Calista, which means, I don't want to

                               sound big-headed or anything, but it means 'most beautiful'. I'm not sure

                             about Dimitri, but if Dimitri means most-annoying-brother-in-the-whole-

                           wide-world, then that's him ...

Join Cally and Jimmy in four hilarious stories! They get into scrapes together, bake some

poisonous cakes, almost ruin their school assembly and finally have a twintastic birthday party.

Watch Zoe talk about her fantastic new book and read a passage.

This Book Has Alpacas and Bears


                          Emma Perry, illustrated by Rikin Parekh


                                   Everyone has something to be proud of. In this new, hilarious picture book,

                                      Alfonso the alpaca will set out to prove just that.


                                                            Alfonso the Alpaca loves nothing more than relaxing with a

                                                                good book. Until one day it dawns on him that their is not a

                                                             single alpaca in any of them - just wall-to-wall bears!


                                                          Something must be done, so Alfonso takes it upon himself

                                                         to write a story about himself. But before long he realises

                                                              that hit's not so easy (especially when you only have feet)

                                                           and soon he has to enlist the help of his friend Colin.

                                                              A bear! 

                                         The Super Miraculous Journey of Freddie Yates


                                                           Jenny Pearson, illustrated by Rob Biddulph

                                                Freddie Yates loves FACTS. But the biggest fact staring him in

                               the face right now is that his super sneaky journey is not going to plan.

                              When he persuaded his two best friends to help him search for the dad he’s

                      never met, he didn’t expect to set off a chain of miraculous events which have

                   ended up with them all being on the run in Wales... Worst of all, they’ve not even

                packed enough pants.

“A big-hearted comic journey about friendship, family, and a miraculously

well-timed seagull.” David Solomons




The Worst Class in the World


Joanna Nadin, illustrated by Rikin Parekh


A brand new, laugh-out-loud young fiction series from bestselling author Joanna Nadin. Perfect for fans of Horrid Henry and the Trouble with Daisy series.

              According to head teacher Mrs Bottomley-

                Blunt, 4B is the WORST CLASS IN THE

                 WORLD. She says school is not about footling

                   or fiddle-faddling or FUN. It is about

                     LEARNING and it is high time 4B tried

                      harder to EXCEL at it.


                         But Stanley and Manjit didn't LITERALLY

                           mean to make their whole class sick with

                             homemade biscuits. And they                                                definitely didn't LITERALLY mean for

                                Manjit's dog Killer to eat their

                                 teacher's shoes or for Bruce

                                  Bingley's rat to escape. These                                               things just happened even though

                                     they had a FOOLPROOF plan.


                                       You see, 4B may be the WORST

                                         CLASS IN THE WORLD. But you

                                          wouldn't want to be anywhere


Audrey Orr and the Robot Rage


Jenny Moore



When Audrey Orr’s mum wins a luxury cruise

to Norway, Audrey thinks she’s won the

jackpot – until she realises it’s during term-

time. With her no-nonsense headteacher,

Mr Stickler, on her case, she has to resort

to something a bit unusual: a robot

clone! But can she trust Awesome the

clone to stay home and pretend to be 

her or will Awesome turn out to be a

bit… Awful?

Selected for The Reading

Agency's 'Silly Squad'

2020 Summer Reading


Worst Class 1.jpg

                           How Selfish!

                    Claire Helen Walsh and Olivier Tallec


            The hilarious follow-up title to How Rude! which introduced us to the wonderful duo, Dot and Duck. They're back to share even more giggles in this

sweet story about sharing, manners, and friendship. One day Dot and Duck find a stick, only Dot thinks it's a sword and Duck thinks it's a flag. When Dot refuses

                           to share the new toy, she goes to                              any lengths to make sure Duck

                              doesn't try to take it. How will

                                Duck react to such selfish

                                 behavior? Simple, funny, and

                                  ultimately touching, this

                                   book will appeal to any

                                     child who is learning

                                      what it means to share

                                       and, more

                                        importantly, what it is

                                          to be a true friend.


Rebel With a Cupcake

Anna Mainwaring


Jesobel Jones is bold and beautiful. The daughter of a hand model and a washed-up rock star, she sees no need to apologise for her rambling

house, her imperfect family, her single

status... or her weight. Jess makes her

own cupcakes and she eats them,

too. That is, until own clothes day

rolls around. Jess and her friends

dedicate the required hours of

planning to their outfits. But a

wardrobe malfunction leaves

Jess exposed, and a mean

girl calling her the one thing

that's never bothered her

before: fat.


Bug Belly: Babysitting Trouble


Paul Morton


It's Bug Belly's turn to babysit! The taddies and froglets in Top Pond can't wait to try

out their uncle's cool water slides, death-defying dragonfly drops, and fancy frogball

games. But when Bug Belly's tummy goes URGLE-GURGLE GLUMP! everyone knows it

spells one thing - TROUBLE. As Bug Belly launches himself off the slide in pursuit of

scrumptious slug snack, he accidentally knocks loose all the rocks that are damming

up Top Pond... Suddenly, he's in a race against time to get the taddies to safety

before they get stuck in the mud. Will his penchant for yummy snacks lead him

and the taddies astray, straight into the hungry jaws of Old Pike, Heron or Sneaky

Snake? Luckily, nobody in Top Pond has more ingenious plans than this Top Frog...

"Bug Belly is Fast-paced, funny, and full of froggy-frolics." Jim Field


                             Oh No, Bobo!

                                         Donna David & Laura Watkins

                                            Join Bobo the Orangutan on his quest to find the perfect pillow and

                                             ensure a good night’s sleep.


                                               Bobo is sure one of his jungle friends will be able to help. He plucks a

                                                feather here and a tuft of hair there but only causes upset! Bobo is left despondent

                                                  and still without a pillow. But when Elsie the elephant enthusiastically strokes Bobo

                                                    and wraps him up in her trunk in an effort to play, Bobo gets very upset indeed. Will Bobo

                                                      and Elsie both learn and important lesson about asking permission? 

                                                       Beautifully illustrated, QED’s Storytime series introduces young children to the pleasures of

                                        reading and sharing stories. Featuring charming animal and human characters, the books explore

                           important social and emotional themes like friendship, gratitude, perseverance and overcoming fears. A Next

               Steps page at the back provides guidance for parents and teachers.


The Legend of King Arthuratops


Mo O'Hara


A bumbling triceratops must prove himself worthy in New

York Times bestselling author Mo O’Hara’s second hilarious picture book offering a prehistoric spin on the legend of King Arthur.

It’s the Festival of the Stone, and dinosaurs from across the land will try to pull the great horn Rex-calibur from the magical stone. The one who succeeds shall be crowned king or queen. Arthur-a-tops is probably the least likely to accomplish the task. And yet…could he be the one true king?


                            In this completely reimagined Camelot                                        featuring dino-squires, the trusty Merlin-a                                  dactyl, and easy-to-trip-over dinosaur

                                  tails, O’Hara transforms this classic tale

                                   into an enjoyable, accessible, and truly

                                     funny treat for young readers.


                                        Coupled perfectly with Andrew

                                          Joyner’s expressive and classic

                                            illustrations, this story will induce

                                              fits of giggles and lots of

                                                knowing nods from parents who

                                                  want their little geniuses to

                                                    have the classics down by first


Anisha: Accidental Detective


Serena Patel


Anisha is all set to be a (reluctant)

bridesmaid at Aunty Bindi's

wedding...until a secret ransom

note arrives. Bindi's groom has

been kidnapped and will only

be released IF THE WEDDING

IS CALLED OFF! With best

friend Milo, mischievous

Granny Jas, a runaway

lobster, a kitten-loving giant,

and some super skills of

logic and observation,

it's up to Anisha Mistry to

find her uncle, before

the big family wedding

of the year becomes

a big disaster!


The Dragon in the Library

Louie Stowell

Kit can’t STAND reading, She’d MUCH rather be outside, playing games

and getting muddy, than stuck inside with a book. But when she’s dragged

along to the library one day by her two best friends, she makes an incredible

discovery – and soon it’s up to Kit and her friends to save the library … and the


The Monster in the Lake

Kit is a wizard. The youngest wizard in the world, in fact. But her magic keeps going

wrong, and all kinds of weird stuff has started happening – exploding fireballs, animals

talking when they shouldn’t be, and a very strange new arrival in a nearby park. So Kit and her two best friends – along with their local librarian – set off to investigate, and to save the world… again.

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